Thursday, March 25, 2004
Oo;; Oro?

Wow, I haven't blogged in awhile, have I? .................oh well.   I'm blogging now, and I guess that's what counts.  Hm..updates updates.

Oh, the IDA thing last weekend totally ruled!  Erin and I ended up in finals, AND got fifth place.  Better than what we thought we'd get.  Our finals improv topics were CRAP.  We did what we could with them, yes, and we thought we'd get sixth.  Nope!  We got fifth!  Yay!!!!!!!  Our other rounds RULED though.  It was awesome.  First round I was an author (I turned it into a cheesey southern romance novelist), and she was a BAZILLIONAIRE. (That's what it said on the paper!! XP)  We were in a casino in Vegas and it was during a tornado.  That turned out really funny...

"Oh!  A tornado!  What ever shall we do!? ..........what's a tornado?" (Erin)

"Well, a tornado is a tall..dark...cylinder of PURE SPINNING GYRATING POWER SUCKING UP EVERYTHING........woah.  I gotta write that one down..."  (Me)

" god that was sensual."  (Erin)

Muahahaha....yeah, that was pretty odd.  Our favorite was second round though.  We took what seemed to be a hopeless situation for us (not exactly good topics we got...), and made it into one of our best.  Ahhhhhh, the sweet smell of TRIUMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *cackle*

.....okay, on to more INTERESTING things.

1.) I've decided that I want a different item for my Gaia quest.  Not a measly emo bag.........but an AFK HAT!!!! *shocked looks from everyone* AFK hat.  They're furry, kewt, and well...yeah.  I want one.  I'm going to start saving up immediately. 

MARCH LETTERS OPEN TODAY!!!!!!!!!  Right now Gaia is down for matinance though, so when it comes back up, I'm tearing my letter open and beholding the wonders found

Ooooh.....on Monday, we have our CFL Qualifier auditions at school.  Our coach wants to take his best students in every event, so yeah.  I gotta get cracking on my Dramatic Interp if I wanna have any chance of getting into that.

Okay........I'm off!!!!!!!! *dashes away*

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
*dancy dancy dance dance REVOLUTION!!!!!!!* Oooorr..something like that.

Hi everyone!  Lately things have been pretty awesome with me.  I've been going to numerous forensics tournaments (competitive acting), and I've been medaling every time!  I've gotten first place TWICE in Prose reading (pretty much short story...)  and then I got sixth in Humorous Solo, and then I got fourth in a different tournament in that same event.  Yay me!!!

Oooh, BIG TIME PROPS goes to WindyBakura for helping me get my kimono on  I'm going nuts with happy for it! ^.^!!!

Anyways...I took a quiz today...and it odd.  I took the "What Movie do you Belong in?" Quiz...and here's what I got...


What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

That doesn't sound like me.....does it?  O.O;;

Anyways, Wingleader Sora Jade is out looking for my missing co-host...I think.  She said that she'd tell me about what she'd found on him after school....but yeah...Hmm.....

I'm going to do Improvised Duet Acting for fun with my friend Erin at another tournament here in a couple of weeks.  Since I've already gotten two events qualified, going on three if I can get my Humorous Solo up, I thought that I'd have some fun.

I need to think of another item to quest for on Gaia.  I'm thinking of going for an Emo Bag.  A nice, simple quest item.   My moneys are drained after the kimono...*snuggles it's silky softness*

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Brood: Well, things are technically looking up for me now........*thinkies*

Lately, a bunch of friends of mine are supporting me in the whole "Not getting the role of Lenya von Brunno in "Bullshot Crummond" thing.  Tons are like, "Waiiiiiiit.....WHO got the part!?  You're KIDDING....I don't see her playing that...and I was gonna come see you every night..." 

Then they find out I'm the understudy I start hearing all sorts of nice ideas on how to get her out of the way.....*evil cackle*  So far I've heard chocolate laxatives, giving her mono, and calling up the Kansas Mafia.  Well, also just outright killing her, but I tell them that won't work because if it's too blunt the understudy is always the first one blamed.  *evil cackles again* 

Okay, just for a note, I don't actually HATE the girl playing Lenya von Brunno.......she's nice and all.....but I just really really really want that part.  I get my understudy script tomorrow....*sigh*

ALRIGHT!!!!  Let's get to HAPPIER news!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, I went to a neighboring town to compete in a forensics tournament!  In case you don't know what forensics is, it's basically competitive acting and speaking.  The events I do are Dramatic Solo, Humorous Solo, and Prose.  The Solos are basically five to ten minute acting monologues, and Prose is reading a short five to seven minute story with upper body movement.

Well, this tournament I went to I HAD been planning on getting out of due to the fact that I didn't know my whole Dramatic Solo piece and my Prose was not practiced one bit.  I wasn't doing Humorous Solo for this tournament.

But I couldn't get out of it......and two days before the tournament, I got sick.  Really sick.  On the day of the tournament, I was coughing and my sinuses were REALLY out of control.  My eyes would start watering out of nowhere and I could hardly breathe through my nose.
Also, I was supposed to have introductions for both of my pieces, and I didn' all.

So I crammed for my Dramatic Solo, read my Prose over a few times to find out how I wanted to read it.....and then went into my first round, and made up my introduction right there, performing my Dramatic Piece, and then going to Prose and just reading it with a barely done introduction.

After two rounds and making it into finals, I ended up with a second place medal in Dramatic Solo.  I was AMAZED.  And now I'm going to State Competition with my Dramatic Solo in May.  I'm SO jazzed about that.

Plus, I made one of the school's four mini-plays that we always do for a dinner theatre.  I play a bad blind date for a guy....nice girl.....but I have SEVERE multiple personality disorder.  It's going to be fun.....I have a long arguement with myself at the table right in front of the poor schmuck. :D

I'm going to another forensics tournament on the 19th of Feb.......wish me luck guys....taking my Humorous Solo for the first time, and I'll try again to medal in Prose....almost did on Saturday, but my feet moved in the second round, and that's not allowed in Prose...oh well.  Here we go again.....*tries to memorize her Humorous piece.....*

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Saturday, January 31, 2004
*Rants, raves, kicks things*

I DESERVED THAT PART IN THE SCHOOL PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) I studied for those auditions for DAYS!
2.) I KNEW half of the girl's lines when I went in there!
3.) I PERFECTED my German accent JUST for the role!
4.) I told the Drama teacher that I'd CUT MY HAIR for the role.  Does anyone here realize how IMPORTANT my hair length is to me!?  It's at my bum and it's my PRECCCIOUSSSS...
5.) I've been screwed over by the Drama department at my school since I was a freshman.  You'd think I deserved SOME comuppance!!!!!!!!!!


After the first day of auditions, I kept hearing over and over again how WELL I did.  The German lady I wanted more than ANYTHING ELSE, EVER, also had to do an evil laugh.  Mine was the BEST.  My German accent was the BEST.  My next class, English, made me DO my evil laugh so we could be allowed to go to lunch, everyone loved it so much!
People were ROOTING for me to get that part!  All my underclassmen friends told me that, and even a couple of seniors that I didn't even know CARED whether I got the part or not told me I did really awesome.

The teacher said; "I'm going to try and put people in places for this show that they've never been in before."

That basically meant I was up BIG TIME for a role in that show.  In the first show of my freshman year, I got into callbacks.  I waited outside for an hour and a half in closed auditions, only to get told that he couldn't see me at all, and I had waited out there for nothing.  So you know, I thought the teacher might have kept that in mind while casting for this show.

He obviously didn't.  I cared SO MUCH about that part, and the part that hurts most about not getting the role is that I lost it to someone who DIDN'T CARE IF SHE GOT IT OR NOT.

AND ANOTHER THING.  The teacher was SO desperate to cast the role, that he got me and the two other girls up for the role to do possibly the most SERIOUS part of our blocking with the good guy.

THE KISS.  Yup, I had to KISS the guy playing the good guy, three times, smack right on the lips.  For an AUDITION.  I've never kissed a guy in my LIFE, and I didn't hesitate for a moment when the time came in the script for me to do that.  I thought that counted for SOMETHING.

Soooo yeah.  I'm REALLY pissed off right now.  Plus this girl's German sounded WAY too much like a French accent, and she just yells alot.  Damn, so pissy pissy pissy pissy pissy.

I really really hate doing tech work now.  I've been doing tech since I was a freshman, because I knew that it was the only way I was going to get my Thespian Points.  I knew that I was destined to be absolutely SCREWED, and that I had to get around not being a Thespian in some other way.
But now, I just HATE tech.  I want to ACT.  I've never felt that I had such an awesome chance at getting a part EVER, and when I didn't, I was absolutely heartbroken.  I still am.  And now all that's left to me is technical work.  I CAN'T STAND TECH ANYMORE.

But....I'm basically the understudy now, so.......I dunno.  Maybe she'll get sick on a show night and I'll finally have my chance to shine and get the applause I want so bad.  It's wrong for me to wish her ill, but still....I want my chance to finally stand in the spotlight and get my cheers, whistles, and applause.  It's all I really want.

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Hi everyone!  This week has been so-so for me.

Lately, something not many people know about, is that an old sleeping problem of mine has returned with a vengance.  I'm not sleeping at night, and my current stress involving my school's drama department is not helping one bit.  I just had to go on a perscription medication today for my problem, and I hate having to depend on pills to let me sleep at night.

As for that drama department, let's just say that the teacher/director of the department plays HEAVY favorites, thus most castings in shows aren't very fair.  I lately found out that in the previous show of the year, I was up for an important role, but was shunted off to the side for another actress who was liked better by the director.  Darn teachers that like Aryans....(My daddy calls him a Nazi because all of his favorite students have blonde hair and blue eyes.)  Since I'm not "Aryan" I'm most likely out.  *sigh*  Oh well, such is the life of an actress trapped in a less than suitable body.

Also, the semester ended and my favorite class is now over.  Creative Writing, how I lament your loss.... oh well, I'm a Library Aide instead now, and that means that I have extra time to do my homework or study.  Not bad, not bad....but I'll still miss that teacher aid in that class...ERM!  I MEAN I'LL JUST MISS THE CLASS!  THE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *huggles her writing folder close* ....yeah...*ahem*....just the class.....

And now the big thing that has me down today.  Our school's Valentines Sadie Hawkins Dance is coming up, and girls are already asking guys.  (In case you didn't know, a Sadie Hawkins dance is one where the girls ask the guys, instead of the usual way.) 
I had my eye on this one guy, since he was sorta new in our school, and would always talk with me and was nice to me.  He isn't that bad looking either.  He once even let me use his History book for a day when I was in a bind and had left mine at home.  But I was going to ask him to Sadies, since it seemed like he was a teensey bit interested in me.  I was mainly just looking for someone to go with and have a fun time, not really look to hook up with anyone.  But still, yeah. 

I was trying all day during musical practice today to find a good time to ask him to Sadie's, when I suddenly heard it....from one of my good friends.  I overheard her talking to another one of our friends that the guy was interested in her....and that all that talk I'd heard her spout about her not liking him and how much of a jerk he was was only a coverup, because she liked him too!  Apparently, a nice freshman guy friend of ours told her, since he hangs out with the guy alot, and he did recently break up with his girlfriend, just so he could get up the nerve to ask my friend out.


So now, I'm feeling kinda...well, really down, since I sorta liked him too, even though I talked and laughed about the situation, and encouraged my friend the whole time, because I was really happy for her.  I just, you know, for once, would like to have a nice guy to hang out with that isn't interested in stalking me, crowding me, obsessing over me, whining about me,hawcking up loogies in the computer chair next to me, or being in the LD classes, which has been some previous "Ewww Boys Have Cooties and Why is This One Hitting on Me!?" experiences.  Maybe this is why I never date, and never have dated.  Because all the good guys I like get taken by other girls, who almost always turn out to be close friends of mine.  And it always happens around an important time, almost always when I decide to make a move.

I don't think I'm going to try and make a move on the guy I REALLY REALLY like, just because of this now.  Some other random awesome girl who knows me is going to come up and suddenly out of nowhere have claim on him.  And that would kill me, because I've liked this one for a really long time, and I HOPE to GOD that he likes me back.  Ah well.  I'll just have to figure something else out for Sadies this year.

On a lighter note, I've taken some quizzies!

I'm just watching a bad dream I'd never wake up from.
Find out what anime bad boy you are.
You're most like laid back bounty hunter. You're the cool headed Spike. Not much gets to you...seemingly. You hold some inner pain, but you keep it hidden as best as you can. Inner pain or not, you are incredibly bad-ass.



Wow, I had to take a two-question quiz to figure THIS ONE out!? .............................. I already knew this one anyways... XD

What Anime Bad Girl Are You?
Wow, my bad boy was Spike, and now my anime bad girl is Faye? THAT RULES!! I'm all about the Bebop!!! XD!

What fuzzy creature are you?
You are intelligent and highly curious, which sometimes makes people think that you are evil. Sweet...........

What's Your Anime Weapon?
No one would ever see it comming. In the series, Vash's robotic (yet not noticably robotic) arm would turn into a gun when he would lose his pistol. This weapon is great because it is easy to conceal and very difficult to knock away from it's user.
Swweeeeeeeeeeettt....nice and hidden...then BAMBAMBAMBAM, the enemies are gone...muahahahaha..

I like quizzies centered themselves.......... Oh well!  Night everyone!  May you all have a better week than I have!!

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Sunday, January 04, 2004
Just runnin' around....Heh...Run....

Brood: was lazy day for me.....I just did....stuffs... I took quizzys!

What Gundam Wing Character Are You?
I'm Duo!  Wai!  He's my favorite Gundam character!!!  *Glomps and plays with his braid*

~Wink~ Hmm, a bit mysterious and self-contained
now. Often no one is sure how you're really
feeling, either it's a special talent or you're
not sure as well.

~* What's Your Anime Face Expression *~
brought to you by Quizilla

And I'm a "wink" for my anime facial expression!  Neat, eh?  Hehehehehee... ^~ *winks at everyone playfully*

un-natural hair
You would have an UN-NATURAL HAIR COLOUR... well,
what can i say? Un-natural. Not evil, just
wierd - like you are not fully human, or like
you have a set job that you are here for. An
example of an anime character like this is: Rei
from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Find your Inner Anime Hair Colour
brought to you by Quizilla

*snicker*  My natural color is's just a good thing I don't act like Rei..

Zutsokaki: That's debatable...

i'm in gryffindor!
be sorted @

Wai!  Gryffindor!  That's AWESOME!!

Zutsokaki: Yet when she sees a spider she goes all chickeny on everyone...

Brood: Spiders...*shudders*

Your eye color is dark blue. You rely on your logic
solely, and may have more mature interests than
many of your friends and family your age. You
can sometimes also be interverted and lonely
from a lack of understanding with people, and
can be rather frustrated with some types of
folke. Some may describe you as cold and
distant, and you are honest with how you feel
about things.

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
brought to you by Quizilla

I like to think I have a nice understanding of people...mature interests..besides anime, that's correct! *snicker*  Ooh my natural color is brown also....

Zutsokaki: That's just because she's so full of shi......

Brood: ZUTSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pegs a chair at him*

Zutsokaki: *it hits*  ITAI!

Brood: Anyways, I found out about these quizzys from WindyBakura's blogmiester, so yeah, go check her's out, mmkay?  *grins*  Run rules! *peace sign*

Thanks to WindyBakura-chan for helping me figure out this HTML thing for the quizzys....*sweatdrop*

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Friday, January 02, 2004
Happy New Year!!!

Brood: *confetti!  fireworks!  acrobats!  big brass band!  cheering!*

Zutsokaki: *And the town rejoiced!*   Yay.

Brood: It's time to ring in a new year!  Welcome to 2004!  What did you all do for New Years Eve?  I went to see one of my favorite bands, Run, play at a church youth lockin with blowup bungee games and those velcro walls you can stick on with those velcro suits!  *I couldn't go on that one, my hair would have gotten stuck...^^;;*

But that's beside the point!  I watched Run play, and one of the members is the aforementioned Jes, who's car I helped mastermind the birthday trashing of!  They're actually coming out with a demo CD at the end of this month, and they sound AWESOME!  I'll see what I can't do to help them promote the CD... One of my favorite songs of theirs is "Pick Up and Fly."  Another one that just ROCKS is called "California."  They have TONS of originals, but they play a few non originals just for fun.  Their opening number was "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5, and to show off their AMAZING guitarist, Josh, they play "Secret Agent Man."  Everyone knows that rockin' tune.

Zutsokaki: I'm a secret agent.

Brood: Yup, sure.  Anyways, if you guys ever ever ever hear of a small-time band from Kansas called Run, give them a good long listen, just for Brood, eh?

Zutsokaki: Don't.  They suck.

Brood: *GLARE!!!!!!!*  They do NOT!!!!one11!!!  They're AWESOME!  Not to mention that they all have SERIOUS pin-up potential.  Hehehehehee.....

Zutsokaki: Oh geez, someone shoot her already, ne?

Brood: Shaddap you, I'm helping promotion here!  Anyways, time for a bit of SELF-promotion!  Yay!  I'll be writing stuffs again pretty quick, as I feel like I need to get more of "What Awaits Us in the Night" and "The Castle of the Shadow Games" updated quickly.  I'll get to "Another Chance" pretty quickly, it's already partly done, but duels are HARD to write, ne?

Zutsokaki: She's forgotten how to play the card game.

Brood: Why don't you just run your car off of a cliff and make some people very very happy?

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Monday, December 22, 2003
He LOVED his car and I'm not dead!

Brood: Yehaw!  The car trashing was a success!  I'm so glad it went over well! 

Okay, first, we started on the glass chalk and the plastic wrap!  We could only get one door open at first, so all three of us were operating out of one door...reaching inside to our bags of stuff for something...

I wrote "Birthday Boi" on a window, making an arrow point to the drivers side window, and one of the other girls with me wrote "I Love Mullets" on another window.  'Twas funny.  We had a mini card ready, that said "Especially For You" on it.  We signed it, "The Birthday Bandits: Agent She-Dirty, Agent Frosting (Me!  There's a story behind that actually...), and Agent LadyBug."

I plastic wrapped his passenger side door, and when I was done with that, "Agent She-Dirty" took the wrap and wrapped up his steering wheel, pedals, and gear shift.  That was great.  We shoved the mini card full of fake moneys and I wrote, "Here's some mad spending cash for you!," and then shoved the card into the plastic wrap of the steering wheel. 

We sprinkled little plastic toy frogs on his dashboard, hung up the "I Can Dress Myself!" award ribbon on his rear-view mirror, and I stuck the toy caterpillar to the top of his steering wheel.

Then came the crepe paper.  I taped a BUNCH of it to the ceiling, and then "Agent LadyBug" threw the rest of it EVERYWHERE in the car.  'Twas amusing.  Then, as a personal joke, I took ten empty pop cans (Cherry Pepsi, no da!) and lined the bottom of the driver's side door with it, so when he opened the door, the cans would come CRASHING and clanking down to the asphault like crazy!

Then we used some more crepe paper and curling ribbons to "decorate" his antennae, and then we piled many MANY balloons into the car, shut the doors, and wrapped completely around his car so he couldn't open his doors..*cackle*

The way that he told me it happened the next day was that the "I Love Mullets" gave away She-Dirty, the "I Can Dress Myself" ribbon gave away LadyBug, and that the cans gave me away.   He said that he FINALLY got all the wrappings from around his car and he triumphantly threw his driver's side door open....and the cans come crashing down.  *cackles insanely*  Just like I wanted it to happen!!!

For my birthday, he got me a 24-pack of Cherry Pepsi...*giggle*

OOH!  My birthday!  'Twas awesome!  I got Dance Dance Revolution for my PSX!!! I can play it at home nnooooooowwwww!!!!!!

Zutsokaki: *in the other room, playing DDR*  Burn burn burn the floor yeah.........*beat beat beat beat*

Brood: *sweatdrops*  Ehehehhee...and it looks like I'm not the only one deriving enjoyment from it.

But for my early Christmas presents, I got a GIANT Good Luck Bear plushie from a friend.  Care Bears!  Waaaiii!

Zutsokaki: *in other room*  Care Bears!  EVIL!!!

Dance Dance Revolution Game: Oooh!  Combo STOPPED!

Zutsokaki: SHIMATTA!!!!

Brood: Ehehehee...I messed him up.  Oh well!  Ooh, I also got a Hello Kitty baby-T from another friend, and a "Chasing Dreams" shirt.  It's cute!  It's got a rainbow and sparkles, and a scrunched ruffly collar with a v-neck!  Kawaii!  I also got khaki pants...been awhile since I've owned a decent pair of those!  I only wear

Zutsokaki: *playing Cutie Chaser on DDR now*

Brood: ........I don't wanna know.  NEW CONTENT ON "THE BAKURA WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS" IS NOW UP!  Fan enjoyment a REQUIREMENT!  Check it out as SOON as possible on!

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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Tonight's the night...Muahahahahaha....

Brood: Well, guess what, all?  I'm doing it tonight....we're trashing Jes's car...*cackles evilly*  We've got the glass chalk, the crepe paper, the "Happy Birthday Marty" button (LOL), the silly string pending, and the tons of other stuff we're using tonight...I can't wait!  This may be my last night of LIFE also, just in case he kills us all later for it..LOL.

Zutsokaki: ............and if he does?  Do I get your Resident Evil games?

Brood: I thought we went over this already!  NO you don't!  *giggles*  You forfeited that in an earlier post, doofus!  Now they're up for grabs.  Although I think the chibi girls have dibs on them..

Zutsokaki: Fuu Fuu Choco Taco and Fuu Fuu Vanilla Taco!?  YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

*You hear in the next room shooting and moaning coming from a television set, and two chibi girls screaming "DDDDIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of their little lungs*

Zutsokaki: Oooooooookay......maybe they can play it....

Brood: Thems mah babies! ^^  *layin' on the southern accent, yo!*

Zutsokaki: Hey, they're not just YOURS you know!  I MADE Fuu Fuu Choco!

Brood: *rolls eyes*  YEAH you did, when you put a bad sleep spell on me! It didn't make me sleep!  I was in pain for like half an hour before you finally figured out how to finish the incantation!  And when you did, a CHIBI split out of me!  (And that's the story of our first chibi! :P!)

Zutsokaki: Gripe gripe gripe...yeesh!  Like a little pain ever hurt anyone..

Brood: was EXCRUCIATING.  My whole body felt like it was SPLITTING!

Zutsokaki: ........uh.  Big deal?

Brood: *sweatdrops*

Zutsokaki: Anyways, Vanilla came as a Christmas present last year from Wingleader Sora Jade!  I can't figure out who she looks like though...Choco is a chibi double of you...and Vanilla is....uuuhhhhhh....

Brood: Nevermind it.  She's here, she's with us, and she's an adorable little sissy to Choco! *snicker*  By the way, it's your turn to put them to bed tonight.

Zutsokaki: WHAT!?  NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brood: Way.  I did it yesterday.

Zutsokaki: But they actually LISTEN to you!  They run around with their pajama bottoms on their heads when it's my turn!

Brood: *giggle*  I know...but I'm going out tonight, remember?  The car trashing........?

Zutsokaki: *grumbles about stupid authoresses and their evil schemes*

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
More about me!

Well, I realize that I didn't say enough about me yesterday, so here I am again!

I'm turning 17 on Monday, making my birthday December 15th.  I'm an authoress on, and happy with that.  Anything else you wanna know, is right over there with my bio.  Muahaha, long, eh? 

Everyone say hi to Windy Bakura, she inspired me to make this!  I like it!  I can get live feedback on my writing with that tagboard, and other fun things!  WAI!

And just for everyone during this wonderful Christmas season, I have a special present for my readers!  Everyone just keep watching my Christmas story from last year, "The Bakura Who Saved Christmas," and you'll be rewarded!  *grins*

Zutsokaki: You're NOT...........

Brood: I AM!!!!!!  Live with it, Zutso-kun!  *cackles evilly*  I'm gonna be working on "What Awaits Us in the Night" and "The Castle of the Shadow Games" later on also, so keep an eye for those new chapters soon!

In other news, like I said, my birthday's coming up.  But so is one of my friend's birthdays, Jes.  He's listed over on my bio over there.  But he's turning 17 on FRIDAY, three days before me.  And for his birthday, me and Morgan, ANOTHER person on that list over there, are going to give him a special present! *cackles again*

We went to a party shop a few days ago, and we bought hot pink crépe paper, glass chalk in red and blue, balloons, 400 sq. feet of PLASTIC WRAP, lots of plastic frog toys, mardi gras beads, curling ribbon, an "I CAN DRESS MYSELF" award ribbon, and other things like that, and we're going to competely trash his car!  I'm gonna wrap his driver's side door in plastic wrap, and we're going to hang the beads from his rear view mirror and write things on his windows in the glass chalk, and yeah.  His family is in on it also.  We're soooo bad...LOL  They're gonna make sure that he leaves the house late enough on Friday so he won't have TIME to clear off the car....we want him to drive to school with that car AS IS.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!

I can't wait....I'm writing my will though, just in case Jes kills Morgan and I on Friday...*giggles*

Zutsokaki: He probably will.  And of COURSE *exhasperated sigh*  I'm going to have to identify the body....

Brood: ........scratch one co-host out of the will......

Zutsokaki: Hey!  I had my eye on those Resident Evil games of yours!

Brood: .....:D I know you did!

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Eyes: Brown, pictures show green.

Blood Type: O something. I forget. Why do people need blood types on bios anyway?

Favorite Food: I can't decide. I LOVE food! But I suppose breakfast foods are my favorite. Eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast..the list goes on and on and on...Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Least Favorite Foods: Cotton candy, cake/cookie icings and frostings *except chocolate*, seafood, *except popcorn shrimp*, and the usual vegetable list including brussel sprouts, asparagus, peas, and other green nasties.

Favorite Television Shows: Inuyasha, Yugioh, Whose Line is it Anyway, The Nanny, and anything else that shows up and is good.

Favorite Shows that AREN'T on Television: Hehe..Well, I download animes, yes. Hehehe. But I LOVE Ayashi no Ceres, Cinderella Boy, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon *live action, no da!*, and others.

Favorite Video Games: RESIDENT EVIL!!! Yeah! Zombies are NOTHING to me! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! And I ALSO harbour an obsession with Dance Dance Revolution! Yeah! Feel that rhythm!!

Favorite Songs: I have a TON really. I love classic rock, and JPop/JRock (Japanese music, it's good, I swear!) I have a special place for my Inuyasha music though. GREAT soundtrack. As for English though, I'm all about musicals. Lol. I also like Goo Goo Dolls, Nickleback, Counting Crows, Rooney, RUN (Yeah! Gotta love those guys! *wink*), and..........QUEEN. Yes, QUEEN. The ULTIMATE rock band. I don't care what ANYONE ELSE SAYS, QUEEN RULES!! FREDDIE MERCURY FOREVER, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *is unworthy of the awesomeness known as Queen*

Hobbies: Acting, Writing, singing, playing Dance Dance Revolution, Acting, watching anime, reading my online comics, talking to imouto-chan, and messing around with my church youth group! I also like speaking French, d'accord? (Okay?)

What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up: Well, an archaeologist would be good. But being an actress would rule also! *giggle* But I also wanna be a wife and mommy *insert "Awwwwwwwwwwwwws" here*. Yeah yeah, I want little me's running around someday..*sweatdrop*

What I'm Working on Right Now: Well, I'm writing another story chapter, and I'm also working on collecting my wits for my school's musical, "Footloose." Don't ask what I am. I'll murder you. :D

Well, I suppose I should stop right now....that's a TON of stuff for a bio and and description, isn't it? Oh well, maybe I'll add more later! LOL


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